About Us

Our Story


TOTS Ice Cream was created by two brothers in memory of  their ice cream loving, sweet toothed hero, their father TOT.    
TOTS is designed to bring you great, handcrafted taste, with a small-town local feel!  

Handcrafted in the Shenandoah Valley

 TOTS owners were born, raised, and will/have always lived here, and therefore are dedicated to using premium, locally-sourced ingredients and a few guilty pleasures to make the best ice cream possible! TOTS ice cream is churned daily and rainbow sprinkled with love on our main site in Penn Laird, VA.   

Our Mission

 TOTS Ice Cream is dedicated to making the best ice cream possible (PERIOD) We also believe in great customer service, and being involved in our local community! Contact us for ideas to help with your next fundraiser :)